Camp Booking Cancellation Policy


Camping is the prime venue for delivering the program of Scouts Canada.

When a group reserves a facility, other Scouting youth are excluded from using that facility or site at that time. Quite often that might be the only camping opportunity for a youth during that season. In addition Scouts Canada has a very large financial investment in all its facilities.

With these two concepts in mind, South Western Ontario Service Centre's policy is:

If a group makes a reservation and cancels with forty-five (45) calendar days or less of the beginning of the function, that group is financially responsible in full.

There are some exceptions:

  1. If a group withdraws their reservation within that 45 day period; but, another group reserves the same facility or site, the original group is exempt.
  2. Periodically exceptional circumstances, such as extreme weather could warrant an exemption. Please contact the office.

(Revised September 2016)